We are the Field Operations Practitioners Who Bring Combat Experience, Intelligence, Cultural Integration to Counterterrorism Activities and National Security Policy

TAPSTRI is a not for profit, non-partisan virtual defense research institute dedicated to studying and disseminating open source intelligence on the operational strategies, tactics and belief systems of radicalized extremist organizations, individuals and communities throughout the world. TAPSTRI develops and advises national governments and policymakers on counter-ideology programs designed to disrupt, defeat and discredit radical extremists in the physical, psychological and cyber battlespaces.

TAPSTRI documents, catalogues and maintains over ten terabytes of English and foreign language audio, video and print analytical resources to provide raw data for study of the dynamic strategies, tactics and ideologies of terrorism and extremists globally.

Our History

TAPSTRI has been operating virtually as an association of US, UK, Australian, New Zealand and European professional practitioners of national intelligence, special operations, and counterterrorism combat since 2005. In 2013 TAPSTRI moved from its Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates offices where it created  the International Anti-Terrorism Centre of Excellence (I-ACE) education program and formed in the United States as a non-profit research organization which gives intelligence and defense professionals a secure forum to share thoughts, compare strategies and offer analysis outside of the news media. Home based in Hudson New York, two hours outside of New York City.