SweetLife Music Project

The Sweet Life Music Project blends genres to offer a unique sound that is at the same time fresh and familiar. Stunningly funky drums, lush bass tones, virtuoso blues guitar and majestic sax solos provide the perfect backing for the power packed soulful vocals that make each song soar. SLM melds different yet complementary tones together to provide a unified wall of soulful bliss. From vintage soul to funky jazz SLM does it right.

The Sweet Life Music Project soulful voices provide the character and identity that makes it all work. They call it Funky Jazz with a Blues Rock influence. Fans of Motown, 70’s R&B and even classic rock will find something to like. SLM formed in 2013 originally as jazz rock touring band and although they have had a number of lineup changes over the years, founder veteran Drummer Randall “STIX” Martin.

The Sweet Life Music Project draws comparisons to early 70s soul jazz masters like The Crusaders featuring Randy Crawford. Always heavy on the guitar and sax. The song choices cover a wide territory from Delta Blues to Modern Jazz, there’s plenty dance to as well as deep content to think about. Despite the obvious 70s influences, SLM isn’t simply a nostalgia act. There’s a modern flavor peppered in the mix that creates a hint of familiarity that packages the band’s music in a way that sounds brand new.



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