Medical Relief for Ukraine Our Sokil Charity fund

Our Sokil Charity fund

To date Medical Relief for Ukraine has donated over $100,000 dollars worth of desperately needed, life saving medical equipment to Dr. Oksana Myronenko’s OUR SOKIL charity operations in western Ukraine

OUR SOKIL is a charity fund in memory of Natalia Sokolovska, who died in Bucha on March 4, 2022. She believed in love, kindness, sincerity, justice and family values. We help displaced people from the war zone (singles, families with children and disabled people, people with limited mobility, the seriously ill, the wounded and everyone who needs help): find shelter, restore documents, adapt, provide hygiene products, medicines, clothes, food, find temporary and permanent housing, we support psychologically, morally and materially. Not a single one of our wards was left on the street!

We help military personnel who give their health and lives for Ukraine: we provide medicines, hygiene products and everything necessary, we organize high-quality medical care for the wounded, psychological help during the rehabilitation period. By saving one life, you save the whole world.

Oksana Myronenko with her surgical team.. 
 Displaced Ukrainians from the East arriving in Ivano-Frankivsk. 
Displaced Ukrainians that have been resettled in the West 
Nursing Home

Medical Equipment Donated by MR4U to OUR SOKIL